15 candidates for Dir (CM), BSNL: interview today (May 20)  



If some ministry sources are to be believed as many as fifteen candidates are expected to appear before PESB today (May 20) for the selection interview. The selected name, for the post of Director (Consumer Mobility), BSNL, would be recommended today.

If sources are to be believed the prospective candidates wo may appear for the selection interview are:

  1. Rajiv Gupta (TCIL, DoT)
  2. Sanjeev Kumar (GM, MTNL)
  3. R K Mittal (MTNL, DOT)
  4. R C Hooda (DOT)
  5. A K Jain (CGM, BSNL)
  6. R C Rai (PGM, BSNL)
  7. M K Seth (PGM, BSNL)
  8. Vivek Banzar (GM, BSNL)
  9. Rajesh Kumar (GM, BSNL)
  10. Arvind Vandnerkar (GM, BSNL)
  11. N R Mahajan (BSNL)
  12. Rajendra Prasad (GM, MTNL)
  13. Kishore Kumar (BSNL)
  14. Dr G C Pandey (CGM, BSNL)
  15. Praveen Varshney (BSNL)

The post of Director (CM) has been running vacant since long. The incumbent Director (CFA), N K Gupta (ITS:1978) is looking after the post of Director (CM), BSNL.



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