19 IRS (C&CE) officers are Prl Chief Commissioner


The long awaited decision finally has taken place according to which 19 IRS (C&CE) officers of Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) have been elevated to from the rank of Chief Commissioner to Principal Chief Commissioner. Officers have started assuming their new charges which have been awaited since October 15 when the cadre restructuring had came to be effective. The names of officers who are now Principal Chief Commissioner/DG are;

  1. Deepa B Das Gupta
  2. Najib Shah
  3. Hans Kumar Jain
  4. Gautam Ray-II
  5. M D Singh
  6. Arusha Vasudev
  7. Ashok Kumar Kaushal
  8. B S Vasudev
  9. V S Krishnan
  10. Neerja Shah
  11. Vanaja Narayan Sarna
  12. Ram Tirath
  13. Ananya Ray
  14. Sanjeev Behari
  15. Sujit Kumar Sinha
  16. Anantha Padmanabhan
  17. Rakesh Mishra
  18. Bimal Behari Prasad
  19. Kameshwari Subramanian

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