37 IPS officers in Maha transferred; some get promotions too


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As many as 37 IPS officers in Maharashtra have been posted at different positions and places whereas some officers got promotions as well. They are;

  1. S C Mathur (1981) is now DG (Legal & Technical), Mumbai (earlier CP, Pune)
  2. S P Yadav (1986) is now Police Commissioner, Nagpur (earlier ADG, CID)
  3. K K Pathak (1983) is now Police Commissioner, Pune (earlier CP, Nagpur)
  4. V D Mishra (1984) is now ADG, Establishment (earlier ADG, PCR)
  5. D Kanakratnam (1987) is  ADG, Railways (earlier ADG, Establishment)
  6. Sanjay Barve (1987) is now ADG, ACB (earlier ADG, Railways)
  7. Sandip Bishnoi (1989) is now ADG (on promotion) SRPF (earlier CVO, MSRTS)
  8. Vineet Agarwal (1994) is now CVO, MSRTC (earlier Spl Secy, Home)
  9. Vivek Phansalkar (1989) is now ADG, ATS (earlier Jt CP, Admin)
  10. Himanshu Roy (1988) is now ADG, Police Housing & Welfare Corpn (earlier ADG, ATS)
  11. B K Upadhyay (1989) is now Principal Secretary (Special) Home (earlier Jt CP, Traffic)
  12. Sanjay Kumar (1989) is now ADG, CID (earlier Jt CP Pune)
  13. Rajendra Singh (1989) is now ADG (P&C) (earlier CP, Aurangabad)
  14. Hemant Nagarale (1987) is now ADG, MHADA (earlier ADG, P&C)
  15. Pradnya Saravade (1989) is now ADG & CVO, CIDCO (earlier Spl IG & CVO, CIDCO)
  16. Vitthal Jadhav (1998) is now DIG (Prisons), Nagpur (earlier Dir, Admin, Maharashtra State Security Corpn)
  17. Shashikant Shinde (1998) is now Dir (Admin) Mah State Security Corpn (earlier DIG, Prisons, Nagpur
  18. Madhukar Pande (1996) is now C P, Railways (earlier Spl IG, Training)
  19. Ravindra Singhal (1996) is now Spl IG, Training (earlier CP, Railways)
  20. Kulwant Kumar Sarangal (1990) is now Spl IG, Provisions (earlier on waiting)
  21. Prabhat Kumar (1993) is now Spl IG (L&O) (earlier Spl IG, Provisions)
  22. Deven Bharati (1994) is now Jt CP (L&O) Mumbai (earlier Spl IG (L&O) MS)
  23. Dhananjay Kamalakar (1997) is now Jt CP (EOW), Mumbai (earlier Jt CP, (L&O)
  24. Rajwardhan (1997) is now Jt CP, Nagpur (earlier Addl CP, EOW)
  25. Milind Bharambe (1997) is now Jt CP (Traffic), Mumbai (earlier Addl CP, WR)
  26. Vishwas N Patil (1997) promoted as Spl IG (posting awaited)
  27. Suresh Mekhala (1997) is now Spl IG, SRPF, Pune (earlier CP, Amaravati)
  28. Anup Kumar Singh (1994) is now Jt CP, Mumbai (earlier Jt CP, Nagpur)
  29. Sunil Ramanand (1997) is now Jt CP, Pune (earlier Spl IG, SRPF, Pune)
  30. Ritesh Kumar (1992) is now Spl IG (CID) Pune (earlier Spl IG, Kolhapur)
  31. Sanjay Verma (1990) is now Spl IG, Kolhapur (earlier in waiting)
  32. Jaijeet Singh is now Spl IG, Nashik (earlier Spl IG, VIP Security)
  33. Pravin Salunkhe (1995) is now Spl IG, Coastal Security (earlier Spl IG, Nashik)
  34. Prashant Burude (1993) is now Spl IG, Konkan (earlier Spl IG, Coastal Security)
  35. Amitabh Gupta (1992) is now Spl IG, VIP Security (earlier Spl IG, Konkan)
  36. Bipin Kumar Singh (1990) is now Spl IG, Nanded (earlier Spl IG, prison)
  37. Deepak Pandey (1999) is now DIG, State Human Rights Commission (earlier Addl CP, Crime, Nagpur)

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