Back to Square: Dropping Non-productive Bureaucrats?


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Once again, the speculation is rife that the Modi administration may press ahead with its old proposal to drop officers whom it may come to consider ‘non-productive’. Quite clearly, a powerful coterie is emerging, if it is not there already, in the administration that wants its diktat to be carried out at all costs. Even though no defined parameters have been laid down to measure productivity of an officer – indeed there couldn’t be any because different officers play different roles, the coterie is said to be working on constituting a committee that would evaluate the performance of all officers at and above the joint secretary rank. Even at the best of time, good governance is a difficult proposition. And execution of this brain wave of an old dud would make it impossible. May it be recalled that Congress politician P Chidambaram was the first one in recent memory who floated the idea in the mid-1990s. He hastily dropped it and disowned it the moment its administrative and financial fallout were explained to him.

(Editor-in-chief: Rakesh Ranjan)



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