BJP focuses on South and North-east region



North-eastern and southern states are the new focus area for the BJP as it wants to compensate possible losses of the rest the country from these areas in the next general elections. Though it is too early for any electoral politics but Modi-Amit Shah or for that matter PM Narendra Modi is known for such advance planning. Party feels that party reached a saturation level in its pocket borrow but there are some areas where the party has the chances of improving a bit if not doing a miracle like north or west India. So the party is now focusing in north-eastern but southern states. Party insiders feel that it has chance to better its performance in Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Orissa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu where they had won just 5 seats out of 164 seats in the last general elections. On the other hand in north-eastern states there are just 25 seats but the BJP has 8 seats in its kitty. So the BJP is working hard with new infrastructure development, better government policies for the region and strengthened organizational structure in north-eastern and southern states and for them it is visible in north-eastern regions with the efforts of RSS blue-eyed boy Nitin Gadkari. However, the BJP wants more from south Indian states and its affiliate organizations are working hard. It might be a wild imagination for some but Modi is known for turning table.


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