Cabinet colleagues & a warning call from PMO: Gossip goes on



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Grapevine is abuzz that seniority or loyalty is no more important in the new dispensation at the Centre rather proximity to the power centre in more important. This was reportedly visible when a very senior leader from Uttar Pradesh and Union minister had to eat humble pie just for requesting one of his cabinet colleague consider a matter of his constituency related the ministry of the other minister. But the minister snubbed him saying that the place was not right to say such things.

When he argued that for a colleague what could be the right place and what wrong and moreover he was not asking for any personal favour. The UP leader was still continuing to say something more but the other minister moved ahead leaving him red faced. But the most socking was that after three-four hours he gets a call from the PMO to focus on his own ministry leaving him stunned.

Not seniority rather proximity to power centre is more important in present regime.


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