Campaign Not Enough To Skill India


modi rudy

The Rs 1,500 crore Skill India campaign, launched by the Modi administration in July this year to train 40 crore people by 2022, has run aground on the rock of historical and financial problems. The 2011-12 data on education and vocational training, released by the National Sample Survey (NSS) on September 22, 2015, show that among persons in the 15-59 age group, only 2.2 percent received formal vocational training and 8.6 non-formal training passed on as hereditary skills. Much of the vocational and non-vocational training was confined to driving and motor mechanic work, computer trades and textile-related work. The data clearly show that there was no improvement in the number of people receiving vocational and non-vocational training between 2004 -05 and 2011-12. Despite a lot of corporate support – mostly in words, the government will have to allocate a huge amount to set up training infrastructure like Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) to achieve the target of 400 million skilled worker by 2022. Officials concede that they are at a loss how to do things differently to achieve the target.

(Editor-in-chief: Rakesh Ranjan)


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