CBI claims no delay in filing evidence for extradition of Mallya

The CBI has claimed that there was no delay in forwarding evidence to UK Authorities in the case of extradition of fugitive Vijay Mallya.
In a press release issued on June 15, it claimed that the scheduled hearing of June 13 was for Case Management Review. The purpose of Case Management hearing is to determine further steps need to be taken up in the case and to draw a timetable for Extradition Proceedings. It is not Extradition Hearing.
Listing out what it has done to facilitate the extradition of Mallya, the press release stated that the evidence accompanied the request for extradition in February 2017 itself. The additional documents were handed over on 2nd/3rd of May 2017 to Crime Prosecution Services. Further, the additional evidence enclosing therein supplementary charge sheet was forwarded through diplomatic channels in June 2017 before the hearing on 13.06.2017.
Hence, the CBI categorically affirmed that there was no delay whatsoever.

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