CVC was kept in dark over CVO, AIIMS?


The balancing act which attracted public attention most in recent weeks is short-term removal of Sanjiv Chaturvedi (IFS: 2002: HY) from the post of CVO, AIIMS. Latest in row is that Central Vigilance Commission website kept reflecting Vishwas Mehta’s name (IAS: 1986: KL) as CVO, AIIMS till October 21 despite the fact he had repatriated to Kerala on October 9 itself. After Mehta’s repatriation Ministry of Health & Family Welfare immediately gave the additional charge of CVO AIIMS to Manoj Jhalani (IAS: 1987: MP), Joint Secretary- Health, but did not kept CVC informed of the effect which was necessary as per the rules & provisions. The upright whistleblower officer was removed from the CVO post right before “Independence Day”; (between August 13-14) during Dr Harshvardhan’s tenure as Health Minister for reasons known to the bureaucratic fraternity across the country.


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