Demonetisation & spot assessment: 36 AS & JS rank officers deployed

 Quick take, Demonetisation, 1000 Rs note
To take stock of the situation in the distribution of bank notes, ground effects across the country and to suggest further measures, the Govt on Friday constituted teams of senior officers to undertake field visits across 27 states.
The officers would make spot assessment of the situation and provide feedback to the Govt. Generally, the officers have been allocated their cadre states to visit and take stock of the situation as they are all well versed with the system in their respective states.
16 Additional Secretaries, 20 Joint Secretaries, and 20 DS/Director rank officers have been deputed to cover 27 states. The teams of officers comprise of Additional Secretary/Jt Secretary rank officers for each state separately. DS/Director rank officers would accompany senior officials.
Dept of Economic Affairs will decide the dates and duration of the field visits as well as the terms of reference for the same. The officers would coordinate with Ajay Tyagi (AS, DEA) for further details regarding the visits.

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