Doka La: Where the dead were ready to bury the PLA alive

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The boys did it. They made Chinese communists sense the Nietzschean  dictum “the dead will bury the living.” The Chinese media were right in referring to the 1962 skirmish, but wrong in understanding it. Because India still holds the ashes of its politically and militarily-betrayed warriors of that year. The angels, reborn out of those ashes of Major Shaitan Singh and soldier Jaswant Singh Rawat, were ready to bury the whole PLA live not only in Doka la but right inside Tibet and free the plateau of the world and hand it back to its rightful owner – as it did in Bangladesh in 1971. The road that leads from Lhasa to Doka La is also the road that leads from Doka La to Lhasa.
So an opportunity was gambled away for nothing in ‘expeditious disengagement’; and PM Narendra Modi has announced his participation in the forthcoming Xiamen (Fujian province, China, where core leader Xi Jinping honed his political craft) BRICS summit to be held between September 3-5. What he may get from participating in this chat show is not clear. Probably, he may end up endorsing Xi’s plan for BRICS-plus to get Pakistan in the forum and further spite India – like he did in SCO. Many self-proclaimed Indian strategic thinkers, apparently influenced by China’s United Front Work Department (we hope Ajit Doval’s boys are taking care of them), have already started clamoring that New Delhi should show ‘sensitivity’ and let China what it wants to do with the BRICS. These intellectual sharks apparently used to free dinners with a generous dose of the disgusting Chinese drink called Maotai (even our mahua and taadi stand apart in class and flavor).
The claim of ‘expeditious disengagement’ that is said to have taken place in Doka La is phony. Army chief Bipin Rawat has already alerted his boys about sure escalation all along the border with Tibet in the coming months and years. Hopefully, he might have alerted them also about pressure points along the Karakoram Highway passing through Baltistan and other areas of India-allowed Pak-held Kashmir.
Even as the Indian Armed Forces draw up realistic plans to take the battle to Tibet and liberate it from Chinese occupation, the political leadership has to show guts, yes we said guts, to discharge its historical responsibility to not only the people of Tibet, but also to the millions of Sanatan Dharmis whose Mount Kailash and the mighty Brahmaputra continue to suffer the presence of PLA and its anti-God communist leadership.
The world and Indians are waiting with bated breath for New Delhi to start playing the Chinese checkers and cut Beijing to size in southeast Asia, East Asia, Americas, Europe, and Eurasia. Will it stand up or get into Khichdi calculations?
(By M K Shukla and Rakesh Ranjan)

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