Dr Aseem Shukla, NaMo’s most potent weapon in US?


Dr Assem Shukla & Modi

Dr Aseem Ravindra Shukla (Director, HAF) is said to be PM Modi’s most potent weapon in US. Shukla has emerged as the most eloquent, persuasive, articulate and logical voice of Hinduism in the English-speaking world, particularly the United States of America. A second-generation American from India, he is co-founder of the Hindu American Foundation, HAF, (set up in 2002 to carry out robust advocacy for Hinduism and India) that recently took on US-based Hindu and NaMo baiters (largely of Marxist inclination from India) for their calculated attempt by way of a letter to disrupt the meeting of India’s Prime Minister with top guns of the Silicon Valley.

Dr Shukla frequently writes a Weblog for the Washington Post’s On Faith section and is a hugely popular debater. Over the past one decade, he has turned HAF, by bringing in a whole lot of like-minded Indian Americans into its fold, into one of the most powerful advocacy groups in the US working for Sanatan Dharma and India.

By the way, Dr Shukla is a world-renowned surgeon in paediatric urology and specialist in minimally invasive surgery. In US it is being murmured these days that apart from many other dominant groups HAF support has made NaMo shine in US.


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