Drawing legitimacy from Gandhi?


Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi

In an ideological shift, the BJP and its cohort are finding themselves closure to the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi. Not only the RSS is trying to co-opt Mahatma Gandhi but PM Narendra Modi did not miss a single opportunity appealing maximum use of Khadi in every Man Ki Baat. Swakshya Bharat Abhiyan was started from October 2 and efforts are on to make it a success story by 2019.Top of that welcoming Chinese leader Xi Ping in Sabarmati had a definite message. Moreover, there are certain cases where people are being equaled with Gandhi, like Rajya Sabha MP Vijay Goyal comparing Modi with Gandhi. In similar incidence at the time book release programme of Asok Singhal was also somewhat given the same pedestal by Swami Satyamitranand. It is not only making Congress free India but freeing from its ideologues. RSS is working on Gandhi. Is Sangh Pariwar drawing legitimacy from Gandhi? Mahatma will surely be turning in his grave!


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