Former Chief Secretary (UP Govt.) to apply for VRS

Javed Usmani (IAS 1978 UP)
Javed Usmani (IAS 1978 UP)
                                                             Javed Usmani (IAS 1978 UP)

Javed Usmani (IAS: 1978: UP) is finally going to take VRS, though for all good reasons. Usmani’s name has been cleared for the post of Chief Information Commissioner, Government of UP. Reportedly, he had a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi couple of weeks back which lasted for over an hour. Objective of the meeting is only a matter of speculations now but finally Javed Usmani will be CIC in UP by taking VRS 14 months prior to his superannuation (Jan. 2016).

One may like to recall that that Usmani, an upright IAS officer having spectrum of top profile assignments, including World Bank & PMO assignment, was replaced unceremoniously from the position of Chief Secretary by UP CM and Alok Ranjan (his batch-mate) was appointed as his successor as CS.


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