Haryana to move legislation to kill Nilgai



Haryana government today said it will soon bring a proposal to change the name of ‘Nilgai’ (Antelope) to ‘Roze’ and will also give permission to kill the animal to protect crops. May it be recalled that Indianmandarins recently called for neutralizing this antelope as it poses a severe problem to crop saftey and food security in the entire Chenab-Yamuna-Ganga basin.
During the question hour in the state assembly, Kehar Singh MLA asked Haryana Forest Minister Rao Narbir Singh whether there was any proposal under consideration of the government to tackle the problem of antelopes in the state. In his reply, the minister said that Haryana government had issued 42 permits for hunting of Nilgai during 2007-08 till 2015-16. “But only two Nilgai were actually hunted,” he informed the Assembly.
The minister said people in the state are reluctant to kill the animal because as per Hindu religion, this animal is called ‘Nilgai’. “We are now bringing a proposal to change the name of Nilgai to Roze and we shall give permission to kill the deer-like animal wherever the need arises,” the minister said.



  1. Such an irresponsible initiative by the politician.
    Killing is not the solution of anything.STOP being INTOLERANT to these voiceless souls
    Don’t make this planet a dead land by killing everything you see.There are better solutions to it.If the illiterate moron does not have that sense I can guide him on that.
    Save Animals.Save Planet

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