Hitting NaMo where it does not hurt him at all


Modi Prabhu Murmu

A small faction of media has been out on prowl once again to throw filth at the NaMo administration and drive a wedge between the Prime Minister and his Council of Ministers. Two latest stories will prove the point.

First, a rumour was spread last week-end that Additional Secretary in the Department of Expenditure GC Murmu (IAS:85:GJ), described as Joint Secretary in the PMO (in long, unwinding stories dealing more with Murmu’s history as seen by his detractors than the one available in official records), was being appointed as Enforcement Director. It turned out that there was no such move afoot.

A similar hit job was done against Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu. A TV channel reported the news that the PMO was unhappy with the performance of Suresh Prabhu. To make its point, it displayed a letter purportedly written by the PMO. Now any reporter who has covered the government even for five years would tell you that such letters are routine in nature and so it does not make ‘breaking news.’ Since the channel is not short of experienced staff, it stands to reason that the story was picked up for reason normally not associated with news sense.


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