Irani Vs Rahul: Season-II


Rahul Smriti

Bhartiya Janata Party invented HRD Minister Smriti Irani as an antidote for Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, which is not only targeting the high profile leader of Congress in Capital but also giving challenge on his home turf “ Amethi”.
During the NSUI conference, Rahul hinted the young cadre of the party to attack Irani, if HRD ministry tries to bring RSS agenda into the education system of the country. The directions of young Gandhi backfired, as Irani dare Rahul to debate than fighting guerilla-warfare through camouflaged attacks.
For Prime Minister Narindra Modi, launching Irani against Rahul means bringing Rahul Gandhi to the level of Irani.
Irani has also secured her space in the Cabinet due to recent controversies, as she remained the target of Congress party since her oath. Giving more powers and giving her freedom to work hard in her constituency is a larger game plan of Modi.


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