IRS Union elections on 30th Aug; four-cornered contest

IRS Union Election, Union election, IRS C&CE Association
Indianmandarins has learnt that the elections for All India IRS (Customs & Central Excise) Union are round the corners. The elections are scheduled for Tuesday (August 30, 2016). It is said to be a four-cornered contest. The one-year tenure of the previous union ends on August 31. The newly-elected body will take over the charge on 1st September 2016 for one year ending 31st August 2017.
Dr. John Joseph (IRS C&CE:1983) is the President of the union who has recently moved from DGEP (Delhi) to Navasheva as Principal Chief Commissioner (Customs & Central Excise).
The contestants are canvassing the electorate with their agenda. GST has become the future reality. The concerns for the service, nature of the job and many complex issues post GST have become the central theme of the agenda which includes the inordinate delay in empanelment as well.
IRS (C&CE) union has 18 regional chapters including the National Chapter. Reportedly, there are none showing interest to contest in 03-04 chapters.

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