Is Delhi, political capital, being seen as neglected city?

New Delhi

New Delhi

Competition is on between Narendra Modi led government at centre and Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi Government for their good governance but the ground realities in the national capital are contradictory. Despite Corruption free slogans and Ache Din, either people do not want to come to Delhi or want to leave Delhi, primarily due to ecological issues.

Leaving of New York Times Journalist Gardiner Harris has triggered the debate on pollution in Delhi after Barrack Obama Delhi visit and remarks of Queen Elizabeth, who termed Delhi as “filthy” city.

No doubts pressure on Delhi is more than rest of the metros, due to power center and business activities but it is also a fact the ecology of the capital never remained priority of any government.

Yamuna is flowing through the capital and gets most polluted in the small stretch and no one came for the rescue of dying river.

What would be the situation in the coming days, no one can predict, as far as political will is concerned, it is all same, there is no “apatite” for improving environment but the hunger for development and investment has grown.


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