Is DFS top slot jinxed, which saw 09 Secretaries in 8 yrs?


Min of Finance

Is the Department of Financial Services (DFS) jinxed? Or is the government simply not able to set the direction for the complicated world of banking? Frequent shuffling of the top bureaucrat of the Department may suggest both.

In the last seven years and eight months, the Department has seen nine Secretaries come and go.

Vinod Rai (IAS:KL) handed over the charge of Secretary DFS to A Ramanathan after his appointment as CAG on January 7, 2008. Ramanathan (IAS:1973:TN) took over the charge of DFS Secretary on January 9, 2008 and continued till end-April 2009 even if he was designated as Finance Secretary. Between May and December 2009, G C Chaturvedi and Ashok Chawla were given the additional charge of DFS Secretary one by one.

For one year from January 1, 2010 till end-Jan 2011, the DFS was headed by R Gopalan (IAS:1976:TN), followed by Shashi Kant Sharma from Feb 9, 2011 till Sept 2011, D K Mittal (IAS:1977:UP) from Feb 1, 2011 to 31 Jan 2013, Rajiv Takru February Feb 1, 2013 to Oct 2014, Hasmukh Adhia (IAS:1981:GJ) from Nov 3, 2014 to 31 Aug 2015 and Anjuly Chhib Duggal (IAS:1981:PB) from Sept 1, 2015 till date.


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