Is the ‘showman’ spoiling the show?

IPS Officer, Madhya Pradesh, MP IASS, Amit Singh IPS, Ratlam superintendent of police, IIM, Ahmedabad, Rajiv Sharma,  MP High Court, Samanya Picchda Evam Alpasankhyak Adhikari Karmachari Sangh, Rajiv Sharma IAS

Change has been the hallmark of the NaMo administration ever since it came into being in the summer of 2014. Those who adapted to the change in style of the functioning of the NDA administration have flourished; those who didn’t were dropped by the roadside. In early 2015, a new institution was established replacing an old one that had outlived its socialist era utility. Many prominent personalities were drafted into this new institution to make it an agent of change. One of them – a senior retired government official – was given a crucial posting on trust to ensure that things in the new institution moved according to the wishes of the top man. As it were, things moved in the right direction for a while. But the critical point man, habituated to oneupmanship, soon got into the cross hairs of his boss. Since the boss was a pure academician not prone to hierarchical strife, he left the job to return to his old turf. Another economist soon stepped into his place. After taking over, he made it clear in a newspaper article that he would make the institution what it was meant to become. But for that, he may have to resort to means that may show the exit doors to many officials who were not working according to the mandate. Soon, a battle royale ensued between the new boss and the point man. Top officials believe that the point man, who is berated as a ‘showman’ by his peers and colleagues, had had enough opportunity to turn the institution into one of excellence and innovations. But he miserably squandered the opportunity in showmanship. So if he is axed now, no one may even shed a drop of tear.


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