Loosing a golden opportunity: slugfest b/w Virk & Arora hurts public interest


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The recent verbal slugfest between two senior IPS officers of Gurgaon has once again highlighted the challenges facing the police forces of the country. Gurgaon Police Commissioner Navdeep Singh Virk (IPS:1994:HY) and Joint Commissioner of Police, Bharti Arora (IPS:1998:HY) were seen in the public as an ideal team. Indeed, they jointly implemented the idea of car-free day in the highly congested satellite township of Delhi that has of late seen an exponential rise in traffic hold-ups and jams. Their impressive deed even inspired the Delhi government to go for a car-free day in certain stretches – the objective it has not been able to achieve so far. But their public-spirited partnership suffered a serious blow on account of their opposing understanding of an ordinary case. Insiders say it could have been avoided if the Commissioner had shown sensitivity and officer-like quality (OLQ) towards his junior officer and kept his hands off the case.



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