LWE or Maoist violence on declining curve




The left-wing extremist (LWE) violence may well be on the wane. According to the statistical data compiled by the MHA and human intellgence gathered, it looks as if the second line of command – the real fighting force – has been largely exterminated, even as the top leadership still continues to flourish and remain active.
A table prepared for comparison of data shows that in AP, the number of LWE violent incidents declined from 100 in 2010 to 35 in 2015 and deaths from 24 to 8; in Bihar the incidents declined from 307 to 109 and deaths from 97 to 17; in Chhatisgrah from 625 to 466 and from 343 to 97; and in Jharkhand from 501 to 310 and from 157 to 56. Similar trends were noticed in the other Maoist-infested areas.
A MHA repor states that the while the security forces did what they had to do to smash LWE violence, political stability (single party rule) in the affected states also helped curb the extremist violence as it ensured there were least interfences from the state authorities once an operation was mounted.
The report claims that force deployment across the nominated red-corridors has been complete and main operational areas of Maoist/Naxals stand encircled now. This has, besides containing violence, also facilitated speedy execution of development works like building roads, schools, health centres in the remote area, thus further depriving the extremists of oxygen of support for their anti-people activities.,


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