Maharashtra CS gets a post-retirement plum posting

After retiring as chief secretary of Maharashtra, Swadheen Kshatriya (60) has secured a plum assignment for the next five years as chief commissioner for the right to services. This is a post that was recently created.
In the corridors of power, it is believed that he was initially vying for Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission chairman’s post and later the State Information Commission too. However, both did not work out. Further, since the Maharashtra Right to Public Services Act was enacted in April 2015 and the chief commissioner not appointed, the process was expedited and a proposal for Kshatriya’s appointment was submitted to Governor Vidyasagar Rao on February 27, a day before his retirement.
May it be noted that Kshatriya is not an exception – most of his predecessors, too, secured plum assignments after retirement.

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