‘Manmohan Modi bonhomie?’


Modi Manmohan meet

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement “defending himself” over his alleged role in 2G scam and terming regime of Narendra Modi “ threat to the institution of democracy” in the morning and spending evening at 7RCR with Modi, is creating confusion in the stand of old congress man.

Either one can be enemy or a friend; an enemy in the morning cannot be friend in the evening. Or there are some negotiation going between former and current premier over alleged involvement of Manmohan Singh in 2G scams and “Coalgate” scandal.

Manmohan Singh broke his silence in the morning attacked Modi and then straight went to his old habitat to have chat with new occupant is sending lot of signals, mixed of sharp contradictions and confusion in the Congress camp.

Modi has been the prime target of Congress but his participation in the wedding party Digvijay’s son and evening meeting with former prime minister after one year of his office, changing the image of Modi in political circles, creating shock waves in the congress camp.


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