Modi’s pill against Modi?


Prashant Kishore, Narendra Modi

In the exercise of war strategies, ahead of Bihar Assembly elections Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is planning to use Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tested and trusted talent against Modi.

According to reports Kumar can use campaign strategist, tech savvy Prasahant Kishore for the planning and execution of assembly elections for Janata Parivaar this time.

Janata Parivar has joined hands against Narendra Modi to stop the chariot of BJP halt in Bihar, which was started from Gujarat and won Lok Sabha elections and pushing Congress out of  states like Maharashtra, Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir.

Kishore planned strategies for Modi’s from 2012 that is before Gujarat Elections till the end of Lok Sabha elections in 2014, suggesting initiatives like Modi’s 3-D hologram, chai pe charcha and building the Statue of Unity.

Since Kishore started entering into the domain of Amit Shah, Kishore was shown the door. Now, JDU wanted Ksihore to repeat his magic for them in Bihar and therefore Kishore is in great demand.


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