Mookerjee suceeds Ms Ravikumar as Financial Commissioner, Railways


FCRB, Sanjay Mookerjee IRAS, Railway Board

As ‘Indianmandarins’ had anticipated in its report dated September 20, 2015 Sanjoy Mookerjee (IRAS:1978) has been appointed as Financial Commissioner (Railways) and ex-officio Secretary to the Government of India. Prior to this Mookerjee is headed the Railway Staff College, Vadodra and is designated as General Manager, National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR).

In his new stint Mookerjee succeeded Ms Rajalakshmi Ravikumar (IRAS:1977) who superannuated on September 30.    

Weblink: (Report dated September 20, 2015)

Mookerjee will be next FC (Railways) & Ex-officio Secretary (GoI)


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