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NSA walked out from SCO meeting: Time to quit SCO?

By Mukul Shukla- 16 Sep 2020


NSA Ajit Doval's walked out from the online Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) meeting on September 15 in protest against the Pakistani counterpart's mischievous act of displaying a map in the background that showed a large part of North India as disputed territory.

It was followed by EAM's spokesman lambasting the Pakistani act and its illegal map.

Will Doval's walkout and EAM spokesman's fine legal points influence Pakistan even one bit?

Despite clear signals that the SCO is being exploited by the China-Pakistan nexus to serve their agenda against India, New Delhi has been continuing to participate in the forum without gaining anything in return for lending its name and prestige to the forum.

The latest round of SCO meeting - first between defence ministers of India and China and then followed by a meeting between foreign ministers of the two countries - was absolutely futile, if not disastrous.

This wasn't the first time India wasted its time and resources in participating in futile conversations in the SCO. It has been doing so since 2017 when it joined the organization, knowing fully well that the forum's politics was not its politics.

In view of what has happened, it's time New Delhi decided to quit the forum. It should politely tell Moscow that their politics is not our politics, however close our bilateral relationship may be.

(By Mukul Shukla)

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