PESB finds none suitable for CMD, MECON


MECON Limited


In the selection interview held today (Jan 08, 2016) PESB did not find a candidate suitable for the post of CMD, MECON Limited.

So far as 5 candidates were interviewed namely;

1. P K Kar (ED, MECON)
2. P K Sarangi (ED, MECON)
3. V Venugopal (ED, MECON)
4. Kushal Saha Director (Prodution, HEC)
5. Sahadev Singh (ED, DMRC)

PESB arrived at a conclusion that it would like to see more candidates for the post.

Currently A K Tyagi is serving as CMD, MECON Ltd. He is scheduled to retire in September this year. He took over in September 2013 as CMD.


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