Not an example of minimal government



‘Minimum government maximum governance’ has not only been a slogan of Modi Government but a promise as well which sparked off hope across civil societies and civil servants.

But now, in the name of cutting expenditure and staff strength and improving staff efficiency, the Staff Inspection Unit (SIU) of the Department of Expenditure will conduct at least 22 studies. In the four studies being carried out – two each in the Ministries of Social Justice and Environment, all personnel below the level of joint secretary have been instructed to log their daily activities minutes by minutes including toilet break. What will come out of this kind of ‘Tughlaqui’ studies is any one’s guess.

In the last 16 months of the NaMo administration, the Union Ministry of Finance has shown nothing but its increasing inclination to bumble along. If engaging in shadow boxing with the Reserve Bank for supremacy in monetary policy formulation was not enough, it took on ex-soldiers on the issue of one rank, one pension and earned the government a reputation that it hardly deserved.


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