Pachauri’s power flows from his enviable dexterity


TERI Pachauri

R K Pachauri, who discredited and disgraced his office in Teri, continues to grow strong despite another woman coming out and leveling sexual harassment allegations agains him. What makes him so powerful that, despite falling from public esteem, he is so successful in slither his way into the decision-making apparatus of the Teri. His power is actually the power of give and take and national and global networking for the past three decades that enabled him first to snatch Teri from the Tatas and then turn it into his personal fiefdom.

The following is the list of people who continue to support Pachauri in his current manoeuvre:

Dr (Mrs) Wakako Hironaka, Former Member of the House of Councillors (Upper House of the Japanese Diet) and former Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Japan; Leena Srivastava, Distinguished Fellow, TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute); Shailesh Nayak, Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Earth Sciences; Deepak S Parekh, Chairman, Housing Development Finance Corporation; Naina Lal Kidwai, Group General Manager and Country Head, India Executive Director, The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC); Hemendra Kothari,Chairman, DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Private Limited; Henrik O Madsen, Group President & CEO, DNV GL Group; and Prof. B V Sreekantan, Honorary Visiting Professor, Culture, Cognition & Consciousness Unit, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bangalore; Pachauri is now a member of the governing council. Biocon MD Kiran Mazumdar Shaw quit the governing council last year saying she didn’t want to get dragged into a contentious issue.


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