Pakistan signaling trouble for India’s investment plan in Chahbahaar

Kulbhushan Jadhav, Chahabahar
After Iran’s truce with big powers, its Chahbahaar port has once again become a global hub of espionage and terrorist networking. The latest kidnapping of a retired Indian naval commander Kubhushan Jhadhav by a proxy terrorist organization of ISI and his subsequent transfer to the Pakistan army only highlights the necessity for the country to step up its vigil in Chahbahaar area, where the country is planning huge investments.
To protect its Baloch area from Iranian interferences, Pakistan, with the tacit support of dead Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and some Western powers, conceived and delivered Jandullah in early 2000 ostensibly for seeking equal rights for the Sunnis of Iran, located largely in the tract stretching from Chahbahaar to Sistan.
For Pakistan, Jandullah also became an instrument to contain and neutralize, if possible, the Baloch Liberation Army that is seeking separation of the resource-rich province from Pakistan.  The kidnapping of Commander Jhadhav shows that Pakistan is signaling trouble for India’s big investment plan in Chahbahaar and construction of a railway line from there to connect to Afghanistan.

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