PM’s one year in office: Is it a coincidence or hard work?


Rahul Modi

Set to complete his one year in office as Prime Minister Narindra Modi is losing its image with common man despite the fact that Modi completed 19 foreign visits and launched a series of pro-people schemes in one year span of his governance.

There was a time; search engine “Google” use to display pages of images of Prime Minister Narindra Modi with crowed of common man but now Modi is either having a profile images or image with known faces.

On the other hand, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, raising issues of farmers is seen with farmers and common man if we search images related to farmers or even “Modi + farmers” and “Modi + Kisan”.

Is it due to the hard work of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi or Narindra Modi has changed, may be for a while, its priorities;?

Modi claims himself as PM of Common man but images are contradictory, while Rahul Gandhi, tagged with “Youvraj” of Congress party has created his image at least on Google.

Social media played great role in 2014-Lok Sabha elections, is the current trend on Google an indicator after one year of Modi Government?

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