S B Singh’s role in CBEC; Consultant or virtual Member: Gossip goes on



In the history of Central Board of Excise & Customs a Member has been appointed as Consultant probably for the first time. Shashi Bhushan Singh (IRS C&CE:1979) was appointed as Consultant on March 05, 2015 for three months (i.e. till May 2015) after he superannuated on February 28 this year.

Many seniors in the service take Singh’s appointment though in positive notes and terms it a part of Modi Govt’s approach of governance. But at the same time there have been gossips doing round in the corridors of power.

If gossips are any guide Singh as consultant does not put his designation while signing the papers but he takes all crucial decisions which a fulfleged Board-Member does.

Interestingly the orders dated 05 March 2015 mentions that the Cosultant will draw pay & perks as applicable to a Board Member and the ‘terms and conditions of appointment’ and ‘terms of reference’ (job responsibilities) would be decided shortly.

The gossips keep themselves centred on the fact that more than a month has passed but ‘terms of reference’ are not decided as yet.


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