Smriti turns Tulsi, wins friends and loses enemies



MHRD Smiriti Irani
Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani is increasingly seen by her officers as ‘Tulsi’. In the past few months, she has risen on the popularity chart meant to grade Cabinet
Ministers on the basis of their overall inter-transactional behavior with officials. Once viewed as a ‘difficult person’ to get along, officials now rate her much higher than some of her Cabinet colleagues whose boorish and unpleasant manners have become the talk of the town.
Instead of being a person in a hurry, she now displays a lot of patience and maturity in dealing with complex issues – be they relate to appointment of new VCs for DU or JNU or IIT directors and members. She has stopped forcing herself and allows each and every matter to evolve into its logical form before taking a decision. This is said to have helped resolve a lot of underlying problems of the department.



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