The final call for Delhi polls; do or die for the duo


Shah & Kejriwal

Instead of indulging in verbal debates, BJP president Amit Shah is busy doing booth management to sail through Delhi elections. Unperturbed with the recent surveys that are showing mixed trends, the BJP president is trying to ensure that party votes are polled for sure and people in dilemma must also go and vote.  He is busy working out the strategy of booths, an art he is master of, as February 5 is the last day for election campaign in Delhi.

On the other hand, in a latest salvo against the BJP, Arvind Kejriwal alleges that Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) were being tampered with to favour BJP in the forthcoming Delhi Assembly election. Claiming to have found, during an inspection, few such machines in the Delhi Cantonment area, the former chief minister alleged that whatever button was pressed on the machines, the light against the BJP symbol lit up.

Interestingly, Congress seems to be marginalised even in the pre-electoral surveys whereas in the final call of the polls it has become a ‘do or die’ situation for the duo; Shah and Kejriwal.


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