Three top investigative & intelligence agencies to get new Chiefs


cbi, ib, raw

Chiefs of CBI, R&AW, and IB are retiring in December.  This has triggered natural curiosity about the appointments to these premier investigative and intelligence agencies.
The first in the row, CBI Director Anil Kumar Sinha (IPS:1979:BH) will complete his tenure on 3rd December 2016. The Govt is reportedly working hard to make a final panel of three out of six officers shortlisted in the third week of October.
The outgoing RAW chief Rajinder Khanna (RAS:1978) and outgoing IB chief Dineshwar Sharma (IPS:1979:KL) are both completing  their two-year fixed tenure on December 31. If some well-placed sources are to be believed there was a time the Govt had started thinking of giving an extension to Khanna and Sharma but the latest information indicates that the successors to both of them will be termed as OSD by mid-December. The successors would take over as new chiefs for RAW & IB in January 2017.

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