Top post of BHEL; three possibilities knocking the door



The coveted position of CMD, BHEL has reached at a juncture where three possibilities have been knocking the door.

PESB advertised the post of CMD last week. Simultaneously, the ACC is yet to take a decision over the rejuvenation of PESB’s recommendation in which Prakash Chand (ED, Haridwar unit of BHEL) was selected & recommended for CMD, BHEL in June 2013. PESB’s recommendation remains valid for 365 days only after which it needs revalidation by the ACC. Experts say that once the extension is granted, PESB recommendation should have been scrapped which did not take place in this case.

At the same time the government is said to have been re-examining the rationality of two years extension to B P Rao given by UPA-II Govt merely few days before his retirement (Dec. 31, 2013). As per statutory provisions BHEL was not a sick unit which could have justified the extension to the outgoing chief.

Experts say that the advertisement of the post of CMD is part of PESB’s routine exercise whereas re-examination of extension of B P Rao (the incumbent CMD) and revalidation of Prakash Chand’s recommendation would go on simultaneously.

For a final outcome one have to wait for the government to come up with its decision.


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