Uncle Xi’s love for Azhar on rise, he protects him again


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Uncle Xi Jinping loves Jaish chief Masood Azhar. So it was expected when China again scuttled India’s move to list the Jaish chief under the UN’s Al Qaeda sanctions committee on Thursday. Even though 14 out of 15 countries were willing to designate Azhar, Beijing, exploiting its veto power, got a decision on the issue put on hold.

The US, UK, and France had strongly supported the move and the other nations had also expressed their consent to proceed with the action on Azhar. New Delhi should continue to expect China to keep playing the spoiler till it develops leverages in the Tarin basin of East Turkmenistan and boggles down China’s big power ambition by arming Tibetans to the hilt. Good intentions are the surest way to hell on this planet.


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