VTS gives nightmares to many in MHA, who will bell the cat? 


Home Ministry

There has been a light-mode gossip doing rounds in Union Home Ministry these days; who will bell the cat? The gossip is based mainly on presumptions but none is willing to take responsibility for installing the specially designed hyper-sensitive video teleconferencing system (VTS) in the office of Home Minister Rajnath Singh. The bug is bugging. And the government is running helter-skelter.

As the plan goes, the VTS has to be installed in the official chambers of Home, Defence and Finance Ministers (besides a few others), who are members of the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS). The project objective is to facilitate direct communication between the Prime Minister and other CCS ministers through secured satellite signals, even when the former is on a foreign tour.

Insiders say that had the device been procured from DRDO or other agencies none would have had apprehensions but in this case private vendors are involved. Technicians & coordinating officials have are scared that who will protect them in case any bug implant is reported in future like it happened recently at Nitin Gadkari’s residence.

Not too long ago when President Pranab Mukherjee was Finance Minister, his office was reportedly bugged. The needle of suspicion in that case was pointed towards then Home Minister P Chidambaram.


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