Well done, Mandeep (IAS:2004), you did it


Mandeep Kour Pic

Commissioner of Jammu Municipal Corporation and IAS officer Mandeep Kour (JK:IAS:2004)  allegedly slapped Sanjay Kumar who was videographing her without her permission with the help of a bunch of local journalists while allegedly protesting against the “unlawful cancellation” of his parking contract by her on Wednesday.

Defending her actions, the Municipal commissioner said that she did that because she was being videographed without her permission.

“And fyi (for your information) the contractor was not slapped for protesting. He (contractor) was slapped for making my video despite telling him to stop (during the duty). No one gives any media person a right to invade my right to privacy without my permission, even if I am on a official duty (sic),” Mandeep Kour replied to a Whatsapp message.

“That’s my fundamental right and I will fight for it. And I think if someone makes a video of your daughter or sister on the road without her permission she will and she should also slap that person and snatch his camera. That’s the only right way,” the IAS officer added.

“Very nice, on one side a news item providing an enabling environment to a girl child. On the other hand, criticizing a lady officer for snatching camera from a person who is discreetly making my video without even informing me (sic)” JMC commissioner said in the message.


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