Whistleblowers do not change, nor does the system?


Image 2The common people find it difficult to understand the reality when it comes to the perpetual conflicts between the whistleblower officers and the system. Recent removal of Sanjiv Chaturvedi from the post of CVO, AIIMS indicates that whistleblower officers would be getting the same treatment as they received during previous UPA-II Government and the callous Congress Government of Haryana.

Common people say that such officers would keep up blowing whistles and system keeps moving with its own spirit and approach of governance & administration.

Ironically, Presidents of India (Pratibha Patil & Pranab Mukherjee) based on the merit of the facts, intervened in favor of Chaturvedi whereas both the Governments (UPA & NDA) responded against him. Common people are eagerly watching the developments.


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