AP pioneers blockchain solution for land records

Andhra Pradesh, blockchain-enabled security, Land Records, Zebi Data India, CRDA, Capital Regional Development Authority, Babu Munagala

Andhra Pradesh has emerged as the country’s first public entity to use blockchain-enabled security for land records. If followed by all governments. it may usher a revolution in land records’ maintenance which remains too archaic, cumbersome, and litigation-prone.

A fintech firm, Zebi Data India, has built a blockchain-enabled land records’ security solution that is being used in Amaravati, the Capital region of Andhra Pradesh. About one lakh land records with the CRDA (Capital Regional Development Authority) now have blockchain protection

“We are hosting the data of these records on the CRDA cloud at Amaravati,” said Babu Munagala, founder and CEO of Zebi Data India.

“We will authenticate the credentials of users, allow them to access the records and give them a certificate. No one can tamper with the database. The buyers, too, can access relevant information on registering with their credentials,” said Munagala.

This data can be verified without any human intervention, giving no scope for manipulation or copying of sensitive information by unscrupulous insiders or external hackers.


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