Comedy of errors Vs language barriers

Enforcement Directorate, Union Finance Minister, P Chidambaram, National Congress Party, 2G Scam, Aircel-Maxis deal, CBI, CBI Confidential Report

Was the ED’s raid on former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s premises on January 12 really a ‘comedy of errors’ as PC would like the public to believe? Was it even ‘vendetta politics’ as the Congress Party termed it?

PC and the Congress would have to do a lot of answering how a copy of a draft CBI confidential report on the 2G case reached the former Finance Minister’s house.

It turns out that the seizure of the confidential draft report on the Aircel-Maxis deal was not without its moment of humor. Insiders say while the raids were on, PC asked the raiding officials why the chief of the agency didn’t join the raiding team. However, officials soon realized that PC’s joke was meant to divert their attention from the seizure of a particular piece of a report that was the draft CBI report.

Even as the raiding officials failed to understand PC’s unusual joke in an unusual time, they sensed from his look that they had found something that PC wouldn’t have liked them to ferret out. Despite the language barrier – PC doesn’t understand Hindi and so he couldn’t figure out what the raiding officials were talking and vice versa, the seizure of the draft CBI report in the possession of the former minister is no ‘comedy of errors’.


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