Dhaliwal takes charge as ED (Security) AAI

Hargobinder Singh Dhaliwal, Executive Director, Airports Authority of India, Neera Kumari Rawat, Bureau of Civil Aviation, Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Home Affairs

Hargobinder Singh Dhaliwal (IPS:1997:UT) has taken charge as the Executive Director of Security at the Airports Authority of India. The post had fallen vacant after Neera Kumari Rawat (IPS:1992: UP) completed her extended tenure in July last year. After having a fairly long stint with the Bureau of Civil Aviation (BCAS) as DDG, Dhaliwal shifted to Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan.

In June 2017, expecting the vacancy, the Ministry of Civil Aviation requested the MHA to form a panel for the post. A panel comprising three IPS officers was drafted but later in September, the panel was scrapped. Through a bumpy process, Dhaliwal was finally appointed to the post in January this year.

As an officer posted in Delhi for a long time, Hargobind had earned the respect and gratitude of its citizens.

His appointment as ED Security at AAI may thus help air travel more secure in the country.


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