DoPT goes slow on Director level appointments?

DoPT, Department of Personnel and Trainig, All India Service, Deputy Secretary, Indian Ordinance Services, Central Service Officers

Hundreds of official applicants find it difficult to figure out DoPT’s reason for not placing them on the offer list. This question keeps arising all the time. In the latest instance, only 10 official applicants (of which only two belong to All India Services) have sailed through against the vacancy for 116 posts of deputy secretary & Director. There is no clarity as to why so many posts are deliberately kept vacant.

Another significant point observable in the latest list is its tilt towards Indian Ordinance Factory Services (IOFS) cadre. Even though IAS officers tend to have a little appetite for Govt of India postings, central services officers appear to be keen on moving out of their cadre as the dominance of IAS officers in DS/Director posts decreases.


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