Gujarati News Service (GNS) becomes 06th National News Agency


GNS (Gujarati News Service) has become the country’s 06th accredited National News Agency after PTI, UNI, Hindustan Samachar (HS), EMS and ANI, editor-in-chief and CEO of the agency Ashutosh Pandya informed the media persons on Saturday.
In its advisory issued on 28 April 2017, the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has amended the clause of the Print Media Advertisement Policy-2016 to expand the list of wire services to include all the agencies which are accredited to PIB and who have paid an up-to-date levy of PCI.
Since the agency Gujarati News Service (GNS) fulfills the above criteria, the agency has been included in the list of wire services in the news agency category along with UNI, PTI, Hindustan Samachar, EMS, and IANS.
GNS was launched in July 2009 and has grown into one of the largest news agencies in the country providing news service in Gujarati and Hindi language. It has acquired an enviable reputation for fast and accurate coverage of all major news events at State, National and International level in all areas like – politics, economics, business, sports, entertainment, and stock markets and so on.
GNS also provide subscribers with a rich choice in features, interviews and human interest stories.
Currently, GNS commands 90 percent of Small and medium News Publication. Its network stretches to more than 18 states across the country. It has the bureau in more than 9 states and 35 staff journalists around the country, plus more than 27 stringers, covering news events from remote corners.

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