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CBDT: PC Mody becomes a lone ranger

By IndianMandarins- 01 Dec 2020


New Delhi (01.12.2020): At one stroke, the CBDT has turned into a one-man operation. Chairman Pramod Chandra Mody (holding the additional charge of Member, Investigation) has truly become a lone ranger, thanks to the inordinate delay in filling the vacancies for the Board.

As of date, two board members are reportedly down with COVID-19. Further, S K Gupta (Member, Tax Payers Services & Systems holding the additional charge of Member, Income Tax & Revenue) lost his mother on account of the Chinese virus two days back. Prabhash Shankar (Member, Administration) is reportedly on leave these days as his son is getting married today. Ms. Seema Khorana Patra (Member, Legislation) retired yesterday i.e. 30.11.2020.

This leaves  Chairman Mody as the sole functioning Board officer

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