Former Coal Secretary takes a dig at his counterpart Vinod Rai

By IndianMandarins- 07 Jan 2022


New Delhi (07.01.2022): Former HRD secretary Anil Swarup has written a book “Ethical dilemma of a civil servant” and described the ambivalence of officers. Sometimes they are astute administrators while many others try to be loyal to their political masters. Anil Swarup seems to be straightforward, in a tweet, he said that Vinod Rai did enormous damage to the investment climate in the country through his imagined scams. The damage he did to the coal sector and bureaucratic decision-making is outlined in “Ethical Dilemma of a Civil Servant,” he said. Thus, Anil Swarup has made a categorical opinion on his counterpart Vinod Rai and claimed that this issue is described in his book also. So his book will be widely discussed and create a storm in bureaucratic parlance. Bureaucracy always faces the dilemma of this kind, whether to toe the line of a political boss or remain guarded against its impact, but Swarup’s reference to Vinod Rai makes it an intriguing story.    

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