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Former Sirsa MP Ashok Tanwar to launch a political platform

By Rakesh Ranjan & MK Shukla- 23 Feb 2021


New Delhi (23.02.2021): Former Haryana Congress President and 2009-14 Sirsa MP Ashok Tanwar, who quit the grand old party in protest against Hoodaization of the party in the Mahabharat battlefield state, has decided to launch his own political platform. 

With an eye on the northern states, Tomar, known for his organizing skill, plans to hold rallies in Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and UP. Even though he is out of Congress, partymen grudgingly admit that he had been instrumental in reviving IYC and NSUI.

A man of immense energy and charisma, Ashok holds a doctorate degree in Medieval Indian History from JNU. As such, Dr. Tomar could rightly claim to be the pride of the Dalit community which could see in him an Avatar of Dr. B R Ambedkar in terms of education and dedication. And like Babasaheb, he has quit the Congress Party and formed his own.

Of course, this could ring the alarm bells in the camps of sectarian Dalit politicians like Chandrasekhar Azad, Mayawati, Prakash Ambedkar, and their ilk. But they may not be able to stop his penetration and outreach into one of the country's most powerful vote blocs.

Dr. Tanwar has a distinguished record in caring for his supporters. Indeed, he quit the Congress Party before the 2019 Assembly Elections of Haryana only because his supporters were not accommodated in ticket distribution.

Dr. Tanwar, like Babasaheb, could also appeal to a substantial segment of the open-minded Brahman population because he is married to Geetanjali, who is a granddaughter of former President Shankar Dayal Sharma through his daughter.

With many factors favoring his emergence as an eminent leader on his own steam, Ashok will have to wade through a myriad of complex social equations to forge a unifying bloc of voters to take his new party to victory in the 2024 general elections and assembly elections before that deadline.

(Rakesh Ranjan & MK Shukla)

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